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Scandal after scandal has given Californians concrete proof that Big Oil is poisoning our state.

First, state regulators discovered oil wastewater being pumped into our dwindling water supply. Then, scientists found oil companies selling oil wastewater laden with cancer-causing chemicals to farmers for irrigation.

And now, a new independent report — initiated by a bill signed by Jerry Brown — reveals how fracking and other extreme techniques has put our communities health, air, water, and food in harm's way.

This is a game-changing moment to ask Governor Brown: Will you keep us safe?

Since 2015, fracking and
Big Oil have contaminated


gallons of freshwater

by injecting it for fracking and other extreme oil production

Sign the petition to Gov. Jerry Brown right now and say:

"The science couldn't be more clear. We must take swift action to end the dangers that fracking and extreme oil extraction pose to California's future. Governor Brown, we ask that you keep our families, our communities, and our nation safe by immediately stopping fracking and extreme oil extraction in the state of California."

And sign up for Clean Not Extreme, one of the largest statewide day of action against fracking in California's history. Let's hit the streets this August 1st and ask Brown to put an end to these dirty techniques and move towards a cleaner, brighter future.

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